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Angels, not just for the top of the tree Stella Lyons Wednesday 18 December 2019

From celestial heralds of medieval art, to the surrealist beings in Marc Chagalls work, the angel has always held a fascination for Western artists.  Over the centuries angel imagery has evolved from the ethereal to more naturalistic depictions, paralleling societys progression from faith in the unseen, to a world dominated by scientific explanation.  Angels are usually associated with beauty, but more frightening depictions also exist.  This talk considers a myriad of angels in different guises and looks at many interpretations including Berninis highly erotic Ecstasy of St Teresa, the classical beauty of William-Adolphe Bougereaus angels and Brueghels frenzied painting The Fall of the Rebel Angels

The lecture will be preceded by seasonal refreshments, mince pies, wine and other drinks